Sculpt and strengthen your entire upper body with these six arm-toning exercises! This 20-minute, arm workout with dumbbells targets your biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest and back muscles for a total upper body workout at home. Or you can take these upper body exercises to the gym!

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ARM WORKOUTS! I’m currently trying to fit one specific upper body workout into my weekly training routine. As a group fitness instructor teaching 3-4 total body HIIT classes a week, and filming workout videos on top of that, it’s hard for me to fit in upper body and lower body specific training days.

And when I do have a free day, I always lean towards leg workouts because, like most women, I like squats more than I like push ups {this is even researched backed, see below for why women need to strength train}.

That said, total body workouts usually tend to be ‘leg heavy’ workouts so adding an arm workout with dumbbells to my weekly training routine is a great way to give my legs a recovery day.

So whether you’re gearing up for wedding season and toning those bride-to-be arms, or looking to feel good in sleeveless dresses and tanks, or need that mom-strong strength to lift your 30 lb+ toddler in and out of car seats; these six exercises for toned arms at home are sure to help! 

Exercises for Toned Arms

Why Women Need to Strength Train to Build Muscle

There’s some interesting research on the relative differences in muscle strength between men and women — with findings that suggest that the largest disparity in muscle strength is in the upper body {Sport Science Review Journal}.

Women tend to be stronger in their lower bodies {think legs, glutes, and hamstrings} but in my experience, aren’t as comfortable with upper body exercises. But training your upper body with weights has a long list of benefits beyond aesthetics. Training your back and shoulders can improve your posture, and reduce back pain in some cases {SHAPE}.

Women in particular are prone to neglecting strength training. Which both impacts their daily lives, and can impact them long term — 80% of Americans diagnosed with osteoporosis are women, and strength training is one of the ways we know we can increase bone density {Time}!

So grab your dumbbells ladies, and don’t be afraid to go heavy, and give this 20-Minute, upper body workout for toned arms workout a try!

Upper Body Workout for toned arms

The Workout: 6 Best Exercises for Toned Arms At Home

Six exercises for strong, toned arms at home! This 20-minute workout is a full upper body workout, targeting your shoulders, triceps, biceps, chest, and back.

Start with a dynamic warm up, such as this 5-Minute Warm Up for At Home Workouts video. Then grab your dumbbells and do these six exercises for toned arms.

Using a medium-to-heavy set of dumbbells, perform each exercise for 45 seconds, then take a 15 second rest as you transition to the next exercise. Complete all six exercises x 3 sets with the option to take a longer, 60 second rest between sets.

I’m pictured using 10 lb dumbbells, but use something that feels challenging for you. You want to be able to perform the movement safely with good form for all 45 seconds, but the last 10 seconds should challenge you to the point of muscle fatigue and even failure to complete the last couple repetitions.

See the workout video at the top of this post for a demonstration of each of these upper body exercises.

  1. 3 Push Press + 3 Overhead Tricep Extensions
  2. ½ Bicep Hold + Alternating ½ Curls
  3. 4 Single Arm Rows + Plank Walk
  4. Chest Fly + Narrow Press
  5. Overhead Pull
  6. Sit Up + Alternating Shoulder Overhead Press

Note, this workout is performed in timed intervals. I personally love using the Tabata Pro Timer App on my phone.

If you prefer repetition-based workouts, try these 5 Best Upper Body Exercises for Women!

3 Push Press + 3 Overhead Tricep Extensions

Push Press exercise

½ Bicep Hold + Alternating ½ Curls

Bicep Curls

4 Single Arm Rows + Plank Walk

Single Arm Row in Plank

Chest Fly + Narrow Press

Chest Fly exercise

Overhead Pull

Lying Overhead Pull Exercise

Sit Up + Alternating Shoulder Overhead Press

Alternating Shoulder Press

For more arm workouts for women click here, or try my personal favorite — 30-Minute Upper Body Exercises For Women!

Equipment for At Home Workouts

All you really need to complete these 6 upper body exercises for toned arms at home is a set of dumbbells. That said, I’m often asked what some of staple pieces of equipment are for working out at home. I would suggest starting with these two pieces of equipment:

  • A Set of Dumbbells or Adjustable Power Block Dumbbells — because it’s always great to have a heavier and lighter set of dumbbells and these power blocks allow you to adjust from 5 to 50 lbs.
  • Mini Loop Resistance Bands and/or Full Loop Resistance Bands with Handles — these are also great, and easy to pack for traveling workouts.

I also love, and am pictured in this workout using a large Gorilla Mat. Not only do they give you plenty of space to move on, but it helps protect your joints {and wood floors}. Get 10% OFF any Gorilla Mats order using code: NourishMoveLove

This post does include an affiliate links, and I do receive a small commission for items purchased using the above links. All words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting Nourish Move Love, making the content you see on this blog possible. 

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