It may seem impossible to get back into the groove of working out after a long absence. Here are some easy workout plans to help you start exercising again!

Daily Challenges

If you look on social media websites like Pinterest or Facebook, you can find several workout plans that give “challenges”. These challenges may span over a month or so, and focus on a certain body part. The most popular among these are squat challenges or ab workout challenges, which tell you to do a certain amount of an exercise each day. These are perfect for motivating you to start working out, and split up the exercises over time.

5 Best Workout Plans For Getting Back Into Working Out

YouTube Videos

There are several YouTube video workouts online that are perfect for all types of activity level. These videos span from yoga and pilates to weight lifting. Some of the most popular channels include Blogilates, BeFIT, Body Rock, and Whichever type of workout you are looking for, you can find it online! The best part of these YouTube videos is that you can complete them in the judgement-free zone of your own home!


One of the simplest ways to get back into working out is by walking. Surprisingly, increasing the amount of walking you do a day can help you build muscles and improve your physical health. Invest in tools like a Fitbit that can track your steps, or even find a free app for your cell phone. Set a goal of 10,000 steps or more to see results.

5 Best Workout Plans For Getting Back Into Working Out

Interval Training

This style of working out is very effective no matter what level of physical fitness you are at. Interval training allows you to do a HIIT workout, which is intense workout followed by a rest period. These intervals could be 30 seconds, one minute, or more. People starting workout plans could try working out intensely on a cardio machine for 30 seconds, and resting for 30 seconds, and continuing this repetition for however long they want.

Fun Activities 

Another idea for working out is to find a fun activity that gives you a workout that you enjoy. This could be cycling, kayaking, swimming, or any other activity you enjoy. All of these can burn many calories, and get you active without you even realizing it.

5 Best Workout Plans For Getting Back Into Working Out

All of these workout ideas can get you to start becoming more physically active. Remember to try to continue these workout plans at least 3 times a week to see results!

Do you have other tips to get back into working out? What are your workout plans? Tell us in the comments!
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