If you’ve never used a soft ball or a medicine ball during your workout, now is the time to try it!

Medicine balls come in different weights and sizes. They add some extra resistance to your usual workout, help you build better balance and their round shape allows you to move with more ease during exercises.


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The exercises I present in this article will help you increase core strength and work on your ABS muscles and obliques. You can either add some of them to your usual workout, or repeat the whole sequence 2 or 3 times with the number of reps given under each exercise description. I suggest you do it with a smaller ball because some of the exercises involve lifting or passing the ball in one hand. I’m using a small 2kg exercise ball for this workout.

Here’s a few places where you can get a small toning/medicine ball from:

  • A2ZCARE Toning Ball/Medicine Ball
  • Yes4All Soft Weighted Toning Ball/Medicine Ball
  • CanDo – Set of 5 Medicine Balls



Sitting on the mat, bend your knees and lean backwards so that your back and your legs form a “V” shape. Keep your back straight and your core muscles tight. You can keep your feet on the ground (for an easier option), or lift them up if you want to make this exercise more demanding. Holding a medicine ball in both hands twist your torso to one side, and then to the opposite side (similar to the rowing motion). Do 10 reps on each side.

6 Medicine Ball Exercises To Improve Core Strength


Start in the same position as the first exercise. Holding a medicine ball in one hand, straighten one leg and keep the other leg bent. Pass the ball, under the knee of the bent leg, from one hand to another. Then pass the ball back while straightening and bending the other legs. Legs do a similar movement as pedalling on the bicycle and you keep passing the ball under your bent legs. Do 10 reps on each side.

6 Medicine Ball Exercises To Improve Core Strength


Lie flat on the mat with your legs slightly bent and hold a medicine ball in both hands behind you head. Keeping your core muscles tight, lift the ball up above your head and forward, and let your torso follow. Finish by sitting straight holding a medicine ball above your head. Then lie back down on the mat making sure that your torso goes first and your hands with the ball follow. Do 10-12 reps.

6 Medicine Ball Exercises To Improve Core Strength

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Begin in a plank position holding one hand on a medicine ball. Remember not to arch your back; keep it straight and strong. Do a push-up (either with straight legs, or on your knees – for an easier modification) and then twist your whole body sideways to a side plank, and lift the medicine ball in one hand straight above your head. Go back to a normal plank position, roll the ball to the other hand and repeat the same on the opposite side. Do 5-8 on each side.

6 Medicine Ball Exercises To Improve Core Strength


Lying flat on the mat bend your legs in 90°  and place the medicine ball between your knees. Put your hands behind your head, tighten your core muscles and lift your head and chest up. When lying back down try to straighten your legs as low as you can, making sure that you don’t loose the medicine ball. Don’t arch your back. If you feel that your back is arching, keep your legs a bit higher. Repeat 8-10 times.

6 Medicine Ball Exercises To Improve Core Strength


Lying flat on the mat, lift your legs and keep them straight up flexing your feet. Holding the medicine ball in both hands, place it on your belly. Tighten your core muscles and lift the ball as high as you can trying to touch your toes with it. Do 8-10 reps.

6 Medicine Ball Exercises To Improve Core Strength

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*DISCLAIMER: I’m not a personal trainer or a physical therapist. I take no responsibility for pulled muscles, sprained legs, or ligament tears. Exercise at your own risk. Always consult your doctor or a fitness professional before doing exercises from my blog. Explanation of exercises and muscle parts involvement has been taken from the Internet.


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6 Medicine Ball Exercises To Improve Core Strength

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