A full length, 30-minute lower body, leg workout at-home! This instructional workout video guides you through 14 of the best lower body strength exercises you can do at home with a set of dumbbells. Targeting the butt, legs, and thighs.

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It’s no secret – we love leg day around here.

Leg Day | Lower Body Workout | 30 Minute Workout Video

Lower body workouts are my personal favorite, and they tend to be the most popular workouts on the blog as well! As a matter of fact, this {super old!} Post-Holiday, Gym-Based Leg Day Workout is consistently one of my most popular pins on Pinterest!

However, you don’t need access to a squat rack or fancy gym equipment to get an efficient, muscle-building and fat-burning lower-body workout!

You can use a single set of dumbbells {if you’re in the market for some, I LOVE these PowerBlock Dumbbells, which adjust from 5-50 lbs} to challenge yourself at home.

Grab a medium-to-heavy set of dumbbells, I’m using 15 lbs, and follow along with this 30-minute leg workout at-home. I’m excited to bring you this, full-length, 30 minute workout video in partnership with NOW — naturally supporting my fitness goals with pre and post-workout fuel and supplements. 

I’m sharing more about NOW and my personal pre and post-workout nutrition routine below. But first, let’s dive into this 30-minute leg workout at-home.

NOW Sports Nutrition | Post Workout Nutrition

The Workout: 30-Minute Leg Workout At-Home

This 30-Minute Leg Workout will superset lower body strength exercises. Each circuit will superset 2 strength exercises back-to-back x 2 sets, followed by a 30-second power move to raise your heart rate.

The goal is to go heavy in weight, and focus on form. You’ll perform 8-16 reps per exercise.

Grab a medium-to-heavy set of dumbbells, I’m using 15 lbs in the video above. There’s also an option to add a light-to-medium mini loop resistance band.

Use the video above to follow along with this workout in real time, as I coach you through each exercise and sweat alongside you {or use the format below to guide you}.  

Dumbbell Front Squat with Mini Loop Resistance Band | Leg Workout | Lower Body | Strength Training

Dynamic Warmup 


  1. Front Rack Squat x 12
  2. Staggered Deadlift  x 16 {8 per leg}
    X 2 sets
  3. Power Move: 2 Count Goblet Squat Pop x 30 seconds


  1. Reverse Lunge x 16 {8 per leg}
  2. Low Lunge Tap In + Rear Lift x 8
    X 2 sets
  3. Power Move: Weighted Lunge Jumps x 30 seconds


  1. DB Front Squat + Side Leg Lift x 12 {6 per side}
  2. DB Lateral Walk + Squat x 8
    X 2 sets
  3. Power Move: Squat DB Set Down + Jump Front/Back x 30 seconds


  1. Sumo Squat + Deadlift x 12
  2. Sumo Squat + Lunge x 16 {8 per side}
    X 2 sets
  3. Power Move: Single or Double DB Swing x 30 seconds


  1. DB Glute Bridge + Band Opener x 16
  2. DB Glute Bridge + Pulse x 30 seconds

Cool Down + Stretch 

See the video above for complete 30-minute leg workout.

30-Minute Leg Workout At-Home | Workout Video | Lower Body Workout Video | At Home Workout

NOW® Sports Nutrition

I get asked a lot about my pre and post-workout nutrition, so I’m sharing all the details below. I like to use products from brands I trust, like NOW.

I personally had the opportunity to visit and tour one of the NOW manufacturing plants in Illinois earlier this year. The best part, I had dinner and chatted face-to-face with Jim Emme, the CEO of NOW. Jim asked me what new products I’d like to see added in 2019, and I’m excited to share that some of them are coming soon!

My personal favorite NOW® Sports products — plant-based protein powder, MCT oil, and beetroot powder {stay with me here!}.

I’ll dive into each of these products, and I how specifically use them as part of my daily pre and post-workout routine.

Plant-Protein Powder {I personally prefer Organic Creamy Vanilla Plant Protein}

NOW plant protein powder | lower body workout at home | supplements for women

Although I try to eat a protein-rich diet to begin with, there’s no beating the convenience of protein powder for a quick, post-workout refuel. Especially after heavy strength training days, and intense HIIT Workouts {or the workout video above}. 

My favorite is adding the NOW® Sports Organic Creamy Vanilla Plant Protein to a green smoothie, like this energy boosting kale and pineapple smoothie. But since I’m usually heading right to work after the gym, I most often add my plant protein to unsweetened vanilla almond milk, shake in a shaker bottle, and enjoy.

Research shows that people tend to gain more strength and muscle mass while weight training if they up their protein intake, compared to those who did not consume more protein {New York Times}.*

I personally love NOW® Sports Organic Plant Protein because it packs an all-organic nutritional punch, 20 grams of protein per serving, and it doesn’t upset my stomach like some whey powders do.

MCT Oil {I personally prefer the capsules}

MCT Oil | The Best Lower Body Exercises for Women | Supplements for Women

MCT {medium-chain triglycerides} oil is relatively new to the health food scene, but one of my favorite players. Derived from coconut or palm oil, MCT oil is a beneficial fat that’s rapidly digested; therefore, it’s believed to support healthy weight management and support energy levels.*

I’m all about beneficial fats in my diet.

Your body can use MCT oil as a quick source of energy, making it a great supplement to take pre-workout to fuel your sweat-sesh!* You can get it in oil form {like you would a jar of coconut oil}, but I prefer these soft-gel capsules for convenience as I can just take them with my morning glass of water.

Beetroot Powder

Beet root powder | lower body workout for women | natural supplements for women

Not a fan of beets? Don’t stop reading just yet! The process of powdering the beets can remove some of the ‘earthy’ taste that tends to turn people off from this superfood.

Beets are packed full of vitamins and nutrients, including nitrates, which can support healthy circulation and blood pressure.* Beets are a natural blood vasodilator, increasing blood flow to your muscles.* Therefore, this NOW® Sports Beetroot Powder makes a great, natural pre-workout supplement.

I simply add a serving of the powder to 4-8 oz of water, shake, and drink up. A great way to hydrate and get me ready for my workout.

Also, I add these Coconut Water Sticks when I need some flavor and added electrolytes {I even brought them with me to Haiti for my marathon}.

And you can reference this post on 8 Energizing Yoga Poses for some of my favorite NOW® Essential Oils I diffuse during my yoga and stretching workouts.

Other NOW Products We Love

NOW plant protein powder | lower body workout at home | supplements for women

Not only is NOW manufacturer of sports nutrition products and supplements, but they also manufacture beauty care products, essential oils, natural foods and more.

First, I’ll share the sports nutrition products my husband, Tim, uses. Then I’ll jump into some additional NOW staples in our house.

For those of you who don’t know, Tim has a pretty incredible part-time side hustle as a professional beach volleyball player on the AVP Tour. Whether he’s in-season or off-season, he’s training hard.

Tim’s favorite NOW® Sports nutrition products and supplements include: 

  • Grass-Fed Whey Protein {post-workout refuel}
  • Branch Chain Amino Acids + Arginine Citrulline Powder {he’ll sip this during his workouts + post-workout for endurance and recovery*}
  • MCT Oil Capsules + BioCell Collagen® Capsules {take in the morning pre-workout with water}
  • Electro Endurance Energy Mix + Coconut Water Sticks {for electrolytes and energy on long tournament days}
  • Recovery Factors {after long tournament play days}

I can’t leave out Brody, he loves his NOW® Kid Vits Vitamins and Strawberry Splash Xyliwhite™ Toothpaste.

I’m also currently taking the NOW® Prenatal Gels with DHA and Vitamin D supplements.

And my pantry is stocked with a lot of NOW® Natural Foods, check out my 5 Clean Eating Pantry Essentials post for more of my favorite NOW® Natural Foods.

healthy pantry essentials | clean eating | NOW Foods

This is a sponsored post in partnership with NOW. All words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting Nourish Move Love, making the content you see on this blog possible.

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30-Minute Leg Workout At-Home | Workout Video | Lower Body Workout Video | At Home Workout

30-Minute Leg Workout At-Home | Workout Video | Lower Body Workout Video | At Home Workout