Welcome to our collection of garage gym photos that capture some of the most envious garage gym ideas our fitness peeps came up with!

Honestly, when looking through some of these, our team could not help but be a little jealous of the awesomeness. So we’re currently working on recreating some of these in our own garages.

Build an Awesome Home Gym With These Garage Gym Ideas

If you’ve watched the video above you’re no doubt inspired to park on the street and turn your garage into a gym; but not just any gym, a personal workout emporium!

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We hope the awesome video by Rogue Fitness and our little collection of these cool garage gym pictures will give you an idea of what other people have put together. You’ll be able to tell what gym equipment brands people prefer to buy, how they utilize their garage space, what workouts they prefer, and whatever else catches your eye.

“Stick around for as long as you’d like, and you’re more than welcome to pin and/or share any of the gym photos you find here.” – Team Gymventures

Photos of the Best Garage Gym Ideas 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Cool Garage Gym Idea With Free Weights A Power Rack And A Bench Press

Rogue Fitness Inspired Hyperexten Bench Squat Rack Barbell With Weights Wall Ball And Ring Ropes

Awesome Garage Gym Photo With A Jump Box Kettle Bells And Dumbells On A Rack With Wall Balls And Barbells

Great Utilization Of Space In This Homemade Garage Gym Complete With Rubber Bands Wall Balls And Foam Rollers

Cool Strength Training Gym With A Trailer Tire For Crossfit Exercises And Free Weights On A Power Rack

This Amazing Looking Garage Gym Photo Has It All Free Weights Kettle Bells Barbells Jump Boxes And Weight Mats

One Of The Better Garage Gym Ideas Takes A Narrow Garage And Adds Squat Racks And Weight Benches

Bright And Colorful Free Weights Combined With Heavy Dumbbells And Rogue Power Rack For Strength Training

Simple And Clean Heated Garage Gym With Green Weight Bench Set Wall Balls And Yoga Mats

Gym Idea Design With Strength Exercising In Mind Free Weights Squat Rack And Dip Bars On Huge Gym Mat

Don’t stop now, on the next page could be the design you are looking for, sorry we couldn’t fit them all on one page, it would have made your device load them slower; and we hate waiting just as much as you do! Continue on to check out more awesome designs.

Thanks to these photos, no longer do you have to procrastinate to come up with some awesome looking garage gym ideas. You can tell your significant other that the time has finally come to put together that garage gym masterpiece you’ve been discussing for the past 2 years!

You’ve purchased the squat rack, bench press, barbells and weights, some dumbbells, and your other favorite gym equipment. Now it’s time to put it all together.

With this gallery of some of the best garage gyms other people constructed, you will never be short on ideas of how you should lay out the workout machines and equipment; even in the tiniest of garages! Feel free to spread the love by pinning or sharing some of the ones you like.

Photos of the Best Garage Gym Ideas 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Sleek Looking Black And Silver Themed Garage Gym With Exercise Equipment Tv Elliptical Machine And Stability Balls

Amazing Garage Gym Idea Turns Shed Into A Home Gym With Ropes Exercise Benches Barbells Dumbbells And Power Rack

Garage Gym Ideas Don't Get Any Better Than This Quote Inspired Brown Theme Garage Gym With Weights On Walls And A Power Rack

Home Gym With Everything In It This Strength Training Paradise Even Has Extra Thick Padded Gym Mats And Sunlight

Simple Clean And Effective Gym Built In The Garage For Exercising On Ringed Ropes And Barbells With Weights

Designed With One Goal In Mind Which Is Strength Also Simplicity Box Jumps Squats Rope To Climb And Wall Ball

She Built Her Garage Gym To Perfection Now She Is Simply Enjoying Herself

Compact And Effective. You Can See How Much Room Is Taken Up As The Car Is Parked Inside.

Very Full Packed Looking Gym. Colorful Weights And A Punching Bag Makes Me Want To Train.

Great Home Gym Idea For Those Who Bike To Work. No Car Is Fitting In This Garage Gym, But Gains Are.

Keep going, there are more awesome garage gym ideas awaiting in the pages ahead!

These garage gym photos would inspire even the laziest of us to give it a go! Who would have though such little space like that of a garage could be turned into something so healthy and life changing; all while serving it’s original purpose of parking the car in most cases, by simply keeping the exercise equipment organized.

Normally we don’t think of hanging ropes from the ceilings, but as these garage gym ideas show, not only are ringed ropes being hung, but punching bags and even pull up bars.

The possibilities are truly seemingly endless; let’s see what else we can come up with by searching the home gym photos below.

Photos of the Best Garage Gym Ideas 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Artsy Garage Gym Idea That Came Out Perfect. Simple Design With A Power Rack With Weights And A Treadmill For Cardio.

This Gorgeous Looking Garage Gym Is Clean And Has Everything For Strength And Cardio Training. Cool Floor Too.

Rogue Fitness Themed Super Strength Training Home Gym With Thick Pads. Exercise Poster On The Wall Is A Nice Touch.

Why Even Get A Gym Membership. This Garage Has It All From Bench Press Exercises To Squat Hack Machines.

Filled With Colorful And Heavy Kettle Bells And Wall Balls. Neat Looking Compact Garage Gym With Green Walls.

Pretty Sweet Garage Gym With Yellow Stripes And A Bar For Relaxation On The Opposite Side. Stylish And Clean.

May Be A Little Hard To Move And Park The Car, But This Garage Gym Is Packed With All Things Strength Traning.

Strategically Built Gym, Enough Space For The Car To Pull In. This Home Gym In The Garage Has All Things Crossfit Related.

This Gym In The Garage Will Nullify All Of Your Exscuses About Not Having Enough Space To Build A Home Gym.

Perfect Garage Gym Example That Shows How Yard Work And A Home Gym Can Coexist. Weights And Rakes, Brother And Sister.

You’ll notice that a weight bench and a squat rack are pretty commonplace in each garage gym; they’re both powerful strength training tools! Let’s see what else is in store, head to the next page.

There is definitely not a shortage of awesome home gym ideas for the garage in this gallery. One thing that surprises us the most is that many people utilize their garage simply for car parking purposes; leaving out so many other awesome ways of using all that valuable real estate, such as converting it to a gym.

Maybe a little inspiration is all that is needed, and lucky for you, you’ve come to the best place on the internet for such gym ventures! This gallery of 100 inspirational garage gym ideas we’ve put together is sure to light a creative spark and get you pumped with motivation to turn your bland garage into a home gym emporium.

Let’s keep moving and browsing through these awesome gyms our fellow fitness peeps put together in their homes.

Photos of the Best Garage Gym Ideas 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Boxing Themed Home Gym In The Garage. Perfect For Mma Types And Anyone Who Needs To Releave Some Stress.

Yet Another Mixed Martial Arts Themed Garage Gym. Dip Bars And Lots Of Dumbbells As Well. Obligatory Tv In The Background To Watch Ufc.

Industrial Style Garage Gym Idea. Nothing Crazy, Yet So Many Gains Live Here. Love The Ipe Style Pull Up Bar.

Cardio Packed Home Gym With A Tire And Power Rack. Shelves On The Side Keep All The Miscellaneous Stuff Out Of The Way,

Prime Example Of How Powerlifting Can Be Done At Home In A Personal Garage Gym. Lift With Friends.

The Window Shade On This Garage Gym Idea Is Closed, But Imagine When Its Sunny And You're Doing Deadlifts.

Very Simple Power Rack With A Flat Weight Bench In The Background. All You Need Is Those Barbells In The Background And Some Weights.

Very Cool Looking And Perfectly Laid Out Garage Gym With A Huge Power Rack And Free Weights. Squats On Squats On Squats.

We Had To Throw This One In There. Home Hunters Garage Gym Edition. Think About Using A Service To Create A Garage Gym Design First.

Messy Garage Gym Idea, But Effective Nonetheless. A Rope Hangs Waiting For The Attainment Of Gains.

Full steam ahead! There are many more unique Crossfit garage gym ideas waiting ahead.

Remember to protect your garage floor when putting together a home gym in the garage. No doubt you’ve noticed that many of these photos we’ve collected have some thick garage gym flooring that the power racks, weight benches, barbells, and other gym equipment all sit on.

It’s important to invest in some decent gym mats to lay down, as strength training can get pretty intense, especially if you’re doing deadlifts, and you don’t want to put your homes resale value at jeopardy when it’s an easily fixable situation.

With that little home fitness tip in mind, let’s keep cruising along and generating more awesome home gym ideas. On this page, we steer away from the garage and step inside the home for just a brief second to view some unbelievable home gym ideas.

Photos of the Best Garage Gym Ideas 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Home Gym With A Punching Bag, Weight Bench, And A Cool Looking Poster Of A Boxer In A Ring Corner. We Want One.

White Style Home Gym Idea, A Little Ritzy But Beautiful. Cardio Lives Here, And This Is A Place Where Carbs Go To Die.

Apartment Gym In A Sky Scraper. We Think Some Hedge Fund Manager Punches Away The Stress Here And Pumps Iron On The Weight Bench.

Gym In The House With A Fireplace, Stability Ball, And Cardio Machines Such As Treadmill And Cycling.

Study And Workout In This Comfy Looking Home Gym. Nothing Too Crazy Just Soe Cardio And An Bench Press Machine Set.

Family Fun In This House Gym With Wall Mounted Stretch Bands As Well As An Elliptical Machine And Yoga Mats.

This Home Gym Is Like No Other, The Scenic View Will Have You Cruising On The Treadmill And Enjoying Life.

Almost Zen Like House Gym With A View Of The Garden And A Dumbbells Rack.

Open Gym Space In This Yoga Studio Themed Home. Light Weights And Hard Wood, Make For An Awesome Workout.

House Utilizes Hallway As A Home Gym. Very Straightforward Design With Gym Mats And Free Weights.

Congrats on making it halfway through this handy garage gym ideas generator in the form of a gallery.

Now is not the time to stop however, unless you’ve found a design that absolutely captivates you, keep browsing, we promise there are more awesome Crossfit garage gym ideas lying ahead!

Inspired to build a monster garage gym yet? With some bumper plates, a power rack, bench press, a few other gym equipment essentials, and one of these garage gym blueprints in your tool box, you’ll be on your way to shaping up your garage and turning it into a personal wellness center.

Those days when you can’t attend you fitness class for whatever reason, other than being ill or injured, will be substituted by your very own Crossfit garage gym. The difference being you will have to travel a very short distance to attain the same gains!

P.S. Don’t be shy! If you see workout equipment in any of these photos and need more information on what it actually does or where to get it, feel free to drop us a line in the comments section.

Photos of the Best Garage Gym Ideas 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Fun Packed Garage Gym, All The Family Stuff Is Tucked Away And The Gym Machines Are Out To Play,

Neat Garage Gym Ideas Look Like This, Very Organized, And Quality Rogue Fitness Dip Bars And Squat Rack

Gym Mirror Combined With A Homemade Garage Gym. Complete With A Freeweights Rack, Jump Box, And Pullup Bars For Working Out.

Garage Gym Powerlifting Studio. An Amazing Example Of What You Can Do Home Gym Wise If You Put Your Mind To It.

Home Gym Painting And Prepping The Garage. Enduring Task, But Well Worth It Once Its All Done.

Organized Garage Gym Weights Set. Barbell Just Chilling On The Squat Rack, Waiting To Get Pumped. Air Purifier On The Side.

Diy Garage Gym Concept. Wooden Power Rack That Is Just As Good If Not Better Than The Metal Manufactuerd Ones.

Garage Gym Exercise Ideas With Friends. Perks Of Having A Home Gym Is That All Your Friends Are Invited.

Monster Garage Gym Built With Heavy Lifting And Strength Training In Mind. Pec Dec Machine And Cable And Pulleys In The Background.

Garage Gym Equipment Neatly Set Up With Enough Room For The Car And The Baby Stroller.

The garage gym equipment packages seen in these photos can all be obtained at reasonable prices.

We’ve purposefully included garage gym ideas that we thought would be affordable and not overly difficult to put together.

Keep looking ahead to the next page if you haven’t found a design that sparks your interest.

We don’t know about you, but a gym membership can get pretty expensive real quick, and let’s not even mention Crossfit costs! You may counter that argument with something like, “yeah, but it costs a lot more to buy your own home gym equipment.” It only seems that way on the surface.

Buying your own garage gym equipment and putting together a home gym in the garage is more of an investment. When you sign up for a gym membership, you’re looking at roughly $20-30 bucks a month, but for about 26 months on average. Which means up to $780, and that’s being somewhat conservative.

With $780 you can do more than just build a Crossfit garage gym, you can lay the foundation for a strength training workout area in the house. Think about the additional costs you would incur: gas costs, extra gear to look good, miscellaneous additions on top of regular membership.

Keep browsing and hopefully you’ll find a home gym idea you’d like to give a go!

Photos of the Best Garage Gym Ideas 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Crossfit Garage Gym Ideas Epitomized, This Before And After Shows What Can Be Accomplished With A Little Elbow Grease.

Garage Gym Ideas And Equipment Packages Can Be Bought At Affordable Prices And A Home Gym Such As This One Put Together.

Cardio Workout Focused With A Touch Of Heavy Weightlifting Garage Gym Idea.

Garage Gym Idea You Cane Put Together With A Friend, Deadlift And Listen To Some Jams On The Laptop With.

Home Gym Before And After The Garage Was Redone With The Bench Press And Power Rack With Free Weights Addition.

This Home Gym Has Everything You Really Need For A Great Workout. Treadmill, Barbell, Kettle Bells, Rope, Squat Rack And Pullups Bars.

Wooden Garage Gym Flooring Padded With Extra Gym Floor Pads. Hang The Bike Up And Hit The Iron.

Home Gym Mirror Looks Clean In This Organized Rogue Fitness Equipped Garage Gym. Letting Just Enough Sunshine In.

Home Gym With Training Dummy Holding A Towel. Very Nicely Laid Out With Cardio And Strength Training In Mind.

Very Fancy Looking Wooden Floor Home Gym With Workout Machines And A Treadmill.

This a-wood cabin looking design above is one of our favorites, though it’s technically not a garage gym, it’s something to think about if you’re thinking of placing the machines inside the living quarters instead.

Building a proper gym at home requires not only awesome garage gym ideas but an insightful look into the best home gym equipment available out there, at a reasonable price of course. But don’t worry, after a while, you’ll understand the home gym essentials you need to include in your gym to meet your fitness goals.

Hopefully this gallery packed with some pretty neat home gym ideas out there will spark your creative interest and motivate you to roll up the sleeves and get to cleaning the garage, prepping it for weight machines and other best home gym equipment items.

The great thing about having a designated workout area at home is that your range of workouts you can do increases tenfold. Mainly because we all feel self-conscious at the gym, even just a little bit, but in our home workout areas, we’re free spirits!

Continue browsing through these awesome garage gym photos and you’re bound to come across one you like!

Photos of the Best Garage Gym Ideas 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Home Gym Idea Wooden Panneling, Very Dim And Slick Looking. Gym Equipment Everywhere For All Purposes.

Crossfit Garage Gym Idea In Black And White. Grim Looking, But The Only Thing This Gym Is Grim To Are Calories And Fat.

You Don't Need A Nice Home To Build A Home Gym. A Worn Out Old School Garage Will Do The Trick.

Enjoying A Beutiful Day Working Outside The Home Gym. Barbells, Squats, Free Weights, Plants And All. Very Cool Outside Home Gym.

Thick Garage Gym Flooring And A Great Idea To Hang The Bike Up. Easy To Clean And Let The Car In Too.

Boxing Theme Crossfit Home Gym Idea, Rocky Would Be Proud. Simple, Manly, And Clean.

Don't Think This Is A Garage, But This Home Gym Is Unique And We Love The Wood And Stone Combo.

A Gym We Should All Aspire To Attain One Day. True Home Gym Emporium With Treadmills, Dumbbells Set, And Even Clean Towels.

This Home Gym Is Ridiculously Well Designed. The Light Hits The Home Gym Equipment Perfectly, And The Punching Bag Screams Style.

On this page we obviously deviated a little bit from the traditional sweat packed crossfit like garage gym ideas; but wasn’t it fun!? Looking at these extravagant home gym’s makes us want to work even harder in hopes of one day joining the elite home gym club!

That being said, let’s jump back on track and  shift focus back to garage gym photos. Full speed ahead!

Some of these garage gym photos include an all in one home gym design ideas, which are pretty awesome and save a ton of space in the grand scheme of things. They can even result in a cheap home gym honestly, if you think about purchasing all the other exercise equipment individually.

We put together this gallery because we found that browsing through home gym pictures helped us immensely when we were deciding on what we wanted to construct in our homes.

Pinterest was our go to place for garage gym ideas initially, so feel free to help other by pinning these photos to your Pinterest account as well! Pay it forward, as they say.

Photos of the Best Garage Gym Ideas 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Extravagant Rich People Garage Gym Idea. Beautiful View Outside A Exercise Equipment Packed Garage.

More Of An Exercise Studio Than A Garage Gym, But Still Could Apply This Concept If A Garage Is Big Enough.

Home Gym Class Screams Through This Photo. Barbells, Punching Bags, Wall Balls, Kettle Bells, It Truly Is A Home Fitness Haven.

Crossfit Garag Gym Coupled With A Classy Muscle Car. Heavy Dumbbells And Heavy Motors.

Building Outdoor Garage Gym Idea For Free Weights Strength Training. Very Open With A City Feel.

Wall Balls, Leather, Ladders, Rings, This Is A Gymnastic Heaven. Though Not A Garage Gym Idea Per Se, Still Very Relevant.

Power Rack Home Gym Outdoors Idea, Do Crossfit In The Sunny Or Cloudy Weather At The Comfort Of Your Own Home Gym.

Lit Up Gym Worth Sharing. Who Says You Can't Have A Little Fun And Workout Too.

Benefits Of Working Out Outside, Fresh Air And By Building A Garage Gym, You Don't Have To Worry About Rain.

Lastly A Roaylty Like Gym. Class, Style, Quality, All Gym Equipment Looks Very Expensive. Would Be Afraid To Workout Here.

You’re almost at the last page, woo-hoo! Be sure to bookmark or pin this post to easily refer back to it, in case you need to look over these photos again. One more page with more great gym ideas is ahead.

You made it to the last page! Kudos. Certainly by now you’ve seen something of interest in this among the one hundred garage gym ideas we’ve presented you with. Some of them may not be the best home gym you’ve seen, but they all get the job done.

We all have to make use with what we have, and fact of the matter is that we don’t all have big houses and/or mansions to play with. Half of us are lucky to even own a garage to think about toying with and putting workout machines inside of.

As you browse through these last ten home gym ideas implemented by your fellow fitness enthusiasts on their gym ventures, start to envision what you want to turn your garage or home into and what exercise equipment you will need for such endeavors.

Photos of the Best Garage Gym Ideas 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Wooden Crossfit Garage Gym Theme, Organized And Clean Looking With Barbells And Dumbbells.

This gome gym is packed with ropes and pullup bars. An upper body workout designed training room.

This Home Gym Has Hammocks, That's Right. Ropes And Thick Mat On Wooden Garage Gym Flooring.

A Garage Gym Preventing A Car From Entering, But Only Temporarily. Stylish And Organized.

Strength Training On The First Floor Hot Yoga And Pilates On The Section. Garage Gym And Home Gym Perfection.

Home Gym Packed With Wall Climbing, A Fire Place, And Even A Basketball Hoop.

Garage Gym Flooring On Point, Colorfull Free Weights, Bench Press And Swuat Reck, Lets Get Gains.

A Beauty Of A Home Gym. Very Easily Cleaned Up For The Car To Enter, Just Move The Treadmill.

Paradise Crossfit Garage Gym On Display. Hit The Weights After Surfing All Day, Bamboo Wood On The Walls.

A Pure Way To End This List, This Garage Gym Photo Is A Perfect Example Of An Organized Home Gym.

Use These Garage Gym Ideas to Build Your Home Gym

We sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed viewing these home gym photos as much as we enjoyed putting them all together! More so, we hope that you were able to get inspired to build your own garage gym by some of the ones you encountered along the way.

Before you head on over to our

Gym Equipment Names and Pictures Directory 
and learn more about the various exercise machines out there; we know how eager you are to get started, but why don’t we first address some of the benefits of building a home gym in the garage?

The Benefits of Building a Garage Gym

Here are some of the perks we leave you with to consider when deciding on whether you should put some exercise machines and other workout equipment in your garage, aside from just parking your car.

You Save Time

According to almost every survey known to man on “reasons preventing you from exercising,” not enough time was the overwhelming answer. Having a garage gym eliminates the travel time to and from the gym, which can easily save you an hour or more a day; not to even mention those traffic days!

You Save Money

Directly correlated to the time saving aspect of investing in a home gym, the less you drive the less money you spend on gas. More importantly, the initial upfront investment for a home gym more than pays itself off in the long run, when compared to a gym membership. Membership money you will never get back, but once you buy the machines, they’re yours to own!

You Become More Efficient

No waiting for equipment, no chit-chat with sometimes pointless and direction-less topics. No planning around busy gym times and/or gym classes. You’re on your own schedule, which means you’ll essentially get more done in a shorter period of time. Before long you’ll ask yourself why people go to those public gyms anyway, when building a garage gym is clearly offering so many benefits.

You Increase Your Success Rate

Because working out will feel less like a chore, and more like a natural thing to do at home, you success rate will be on the up. You’ll do things in the comfort of your own home that you wouldn’t normally do at the gym (i.e. grunting, yoga, cardio, etc.). These are all critical components to a proper strength training exercise regiment as well as an overall healthy lifestyle.

You’re Around Your Family More

There is nothing more important than spending the short time we have on this planet with our loved ones.Whether it’s your husband/wife, kids, or parents. By owning a home gym in the garage you’ll not only see each other more, but you have the opportunity to workout together and motivate each other along the way! Think of the fun that comes along with pushing each other to the next level of fitness.

Awesome, thanks for sticking around and viewing our garage gym photos! Please take a second and help us spread the word by sharing this with fellow fitness enthusiasts. It really helps our site and helps others looking for ideas! – Team Gymventures

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