When many people think of vegans and vegetarians, they typically don’t associate those who adopt a plant-based diet with muscles or, let alone, body builders. As much as people like to think, though, plant-based eaters are not scrawny, weak or sickly. In fact, many vegans and vegetarians are quite the opposite, like this 78-year-old vegan body builder, or arm wrestler Rob Bigwood! And, just last year, a vegan strongman lifted a record-breaking 1,212.54 pounds over 32.8 feet. Now, that’s impressive.

So, the next time someone thinks the words “vegan” and “muscles” together is an oxymoron, show them your “guns.” You are about to get strong like Popeye the sailor with these five plant-based foods that will help you build muscles. Time to let out your roar: “Vegan Power!”

Plant-Based Foods that Will Help You Build Muscle [INFOGRAPHIC]


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