If you want to know how to get bigger buttocks fast, then you should pay attention not only to physical exercises. The right diet will bring you closer to your cherished goal. Tightened volume buttocks are the best jewelry for a woman, which will not leave indifferent any man.


Not everyone is given this decoration by nature; for most girls, beautiful buttocks are the result of great efforts. It is required to get rid of excess body fat and increase muscle mass in the right places. This goal is achieved through physical exercise, as well as a proper nutrition system. (1, 2, 3)


How to get bigger buttocks fast


About half of the total amount of muscle tissue in the female body is based precisely in the buttocks. Nature decided so not by chance; many factors depend on the condition of the buttocks:

  • The ability to sit comfortably;
  • The beauty of posture;
  • Childbearing function – the ability to bear and give birth to a child;
  • The correct location of the pelvic organs, including the organs of the genitourinary system.


How to get bigger buttocks fast


How to get bigger buttocks fast – The structure of the gluteal muscles

All muscles located on the buttocks are divided into three groups. The large buttock muscles are quadrangular in shape, arranged symmetrically for each other, attached to the bones of the thighs and pelvis.


Around the gluteus maximus muscles is the fat layer, due to which the butt has a convex shape characteristic of women; The middle gluteal muscles are triangular in shape, not the volume, but the beauty of the shape of the thigh depends on the degree of development of these muscles. (1, 2, 3)


These muscles cover the bones of the pelvis so that it does not stick out, they in turn, are covered by a small layer of subcutaneous fat and skin, so the lateral outlines of the thigh look smooth.


Small gluteal muscles of a flat triangular shape, they are located directly under the middle gluteal muscles. They are responsible for maintaining the medium and large muscles, as well as for the formation of the volume of the buttocks.


bigger buttocks


Many factors are affecting the beauty of female buttocks:

  • The width of the bones of the pelvis and the width of the waist;
  • Proportions in the width and length of the bones of the pelvis, hips, and waist;
  • The development of all gluteal muscle groups;
  • The amount of subcutaneous fat on the buttocks and in the waist.


Types of shapes of female buttocks

Four types of female buttocks are distinguished. A-shaped buttocks or the so-called “inverted heart,” beautiful shape with a characteristic thin waist, a rounded line of the thigh without wrinkles on the sides. The proportions between the waist and hips with this form are 0.7.


In women with buttocks of this type, buttocks have a small upper part with a very large middle part, muscle tissue on the buttocks is very well developed. With this physique, the transition from the lower back to the base of the legs will be too sharp; the figure looks great in lingerie and tight clothes. (1, 2, 3)


To visually increase the glutes of this shape, it is not necessary to increase the amount of muscle mass on the buttocks, the goal is different, to reduce the waist so that the buttocks look more voluminous against its background.

The round shape of the buttocks is formed due to the same width of the bones in the waist and pelvis, characterized by a large volume of muscles, which makes the sides of the buttocks voluminous while being taut. The lush physique in the lower part is difficult to hide under any clothes, the roundness is obvious.


Increasing buttocks of this shape will also not be a difficult task, but the degree of elasticity should be continuously monitored. A beautiful shape without sagging is much more significant than the volume and mass of muscle tissue.


In women with V-shaped buttocks, a lot of muscle tissue is located in the area under the waist, closer to the legs of the muscles it becomes noticeably smaller. Owners of this type of behind are forced to correct it, as such proportions look unnatural and not very beautiful. (1, 2, 3)


exercises to bigger buttocks


Also, the owners of the square shape of the buttocks were not very lucky, with the same volumes of the width of the small pelvis and waist. The back of the buttocks remains completely flat, such a butt is more like a man’s than a woman’s. To look feminine and attractive, such women should increase the volume of the upper part of the buttocks, in a natural state, they have no transition.


Every woman wants her buttocks to be beautiful, but for different types of physique, the ways of fulfilling a dream will be different. Someone will need only a minimum of effort to emphasize the shape inherited from nature; others require a lot of effort to overcome this very nature and make the buttocks more voluminous.


How to eat for the beauty of the buttocks?

Buttocks are muscles, subcutaneous fat, and skin; these are living tissues that require proper nutrition for them. The nutrition system for the formation of beautiful booty refers to diets, as it involves the use of certain products according to the prescribed scheme. Certain foods will contribute to the formation of attractive buttocks, and they should be in the diet of every woman.


bigger buttocks exercises


The effect of proper nutrition for beautiful buttocks can be enhanced with additional tools. Using steroids and other chemicals is effective, but it has a huge amount of side effects. It will be much better to use natural remedies to increase the gluteal muscles, and they are developed in different forms, both for internal and external use.


Some products are available in the form of sprays that are applied to the skin of the buttocks after a shower, and the active ingredients act locally without affecting the organs of the gastrointestinal tract and other vital systems, this is a huge advantage over anabolic agents that destroy health. (1, 2, 3)


For the buttocks to increase steadily in a natural way, the necessary amount of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates must enter the body. Proteins are the main components for muscle tissue, with a protein deficiency, there can be no question of any muscle growth. Moreover, existing muscles will begin to break down.

The most affordable and useful sources of protein:
Chicken and quail eggs, they should be eaten boiled hard-boiled and without harmful additives like mayonnaise and other sauces. Before putting eggs in water, check them for freshness. Fresh eggs drown in containers of water, and stale float;


Chicken and turkey meat, flesh without skin and fat in a stew and boiled state, can be cooked in a double boiler, but do not fry. Beef and veal stewed or steamed, pork should be abandoned.


Low-fat varieties of fish – pink salmon, tuna, pike perch, they should be cooked, stewed, but do not fry. Cottage cheese is used in any form, without harmful additives. Beans and other legumes are the best sources of plant-based protein. (1, 2, 3)


The primary function of fats that we get from food is energy replenishment, and they also participate in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, are part of the cells. The recommended rate of fat intake is 10% of the total diet; the most useful products for obtaining fat are:

  • Olive and linseed oil;
  • Fish oil and fatty fish varieties – trout, salmon, salmon;
  • Walnuts, cashews, almonds, and hazelnuts are the best sources of vegetable fats;
  • Pork salted lard, up to 50 grams per day, exclusively salty, smoked products are prohibited.


bigger buttocks workout
bigger buttocks workout


Most of the diet for humans consists of carbohydrates; without them, the body cannot function normally. In order for carbohydrates to provide energy, but at the same time not contribute to weight loss, they should be obtained from the right products:

  • Brown rice;
  • Sweet potato yam;
  • Grains – pearl barley, buckwheat, oat, barley groats;
  • Bran bread;
  • Fresh vegetables, cabbage is especially recommended;
  • Any fruit is green.


Products that interfere with the creation of beautiful buttocks

First of all, it is pasta and fast food, in particular, fast food dishes. Food should be prepared independently from quality, fresh, and natural products. Also banned any smoked and sausage products. The use of confectionery, ice cream, and other sweets should be limited as much as possible. (1, 2, 3)


The products listed above quickly eliminate hunger, but do not bring high saturation; in addition, they have a terrible effect on the beauty of the female figure. Their constant use makes the buttocks shapeless and loose.


how to get bigger buttocks naturally


Take the habit of going out for a walk before eating or just spending more time outdoors. Control the amount of water drunk per day, and you should drink plain water without gas in an amount of up to two liters per day.


Compliance with the laws of proper nutrition will help you create an attractive shape for your buttocks and keep it for years to come. Useful gastronomic habits make the hips and buttocks a woman’s pride.


Proper nutrition contributes to the formation of beautiful forms of hips and buttocks, but for the results to come quickly and be visible, you should use special exercises. Here are the best exercises for buttock augmentation. (1, 2, 3)


What sport will help to increase buttocks?

When it comes to losing weight, any sport will be effective in conjunction with the diet, the main task will be to give the body physical activity and burn as many calories as possible. If it is necessary to increase the buttocks, it is no longer possible to use the general fitness and running, such physical activities will make the muscles more toned, but the hips will become even flatter.


bigger buttocks foods


The best option for a quick and effective increase in the volume of the buttocks will be a visit to the gym. In the gym is a good selection of equipment for working on all parts of the body. However, if you do not have the opportunity to visit the gym, you can train at home, the main thing is to choose the right exercises and persistently go to your goal with their help.


Some tips for those who will train in the gym or at home

If you have chosen a gym as a place for training, then focus on working with a barbell and dumbbells, do different variations of squats with them. Weighting weight is selected individually, take for yourself such a weight with which you can do 5-8 squats in the set, not more. (1, 2, 3)


The universal rule of working with weights says that exercises with low weight in a large number of approaches lead to weight loss. If you are interested in building muscle mass, then you should use more serious weights, with which you can perform only a few repetitions.


The beginning of any workout should be a warm-up; for it, you can use simple gymnastic exercises, regular squats, and other actions that will help warm up the muscles for subsequent work. These same recommendations must be followed during home training, let the lack of dumbbells and other weights do not disappoint you; you can use bottles of different volumes with water or sand at home instead.


bigger buttocks foods


Best Butt Augmentation Exercises

All of the above methods for increasing the volume of booty are very good, but only if you correctly combine them with sports loads. You can switch to a healthy diet, enlist a dozen everyday tricks, but without physical activity, they will not bring the desired effect.


Some girls prefer to go the simple way, that is, go to the gym and immediately hire a personal trainer who will work on the task. This way of resolving the issue is not available to everyone, someone is stopped by the high cost of paying for the services of trainers, and someone simply cannot allocate time to visit a gym.


To solve the problem, it is enough to study why buttocks increase. The following exercises are simple for home use, they will not take much time, and at the same time will bring amazing results.



This exercise is considered the most effective, not for nothing often you can hear “if you want a beautiful behind – squat!”. You need to perform the exercise in the correct technique, squat as deep as possible. (1, 2, 3)


Starting position – feet shoulder-width apart; during the squat, the knees should be at right angles to the floor. Squat slowly, controlling every movement, as well as breathing, linger at the bottom point for a few seconds.


how to get bigger buttocks and thighs
how to get bigger buttocks and thighs


You should start with three approaches of 15-20 squats, when you get used to such loads, connect weights – dumbbells or their improvised replacement. When connecting weights, the number of squats is tedious to reduce, and then gradually increase from training to training by one or two squats.


Walking on the wall

Performing this exercise will bring visible results after a week of classes. Lay the mat right next to the wall and lay your back on it so that your legs rest on the wall in a bent position. The angle in the knee should be 90 degrees, from this position take two steps up, as if you are walking on the back, then two steps down to return to the starting position.


In this case, the buttocks should not be torn off the floor. For the first workouts, 15-20 repetitions of the exercise will be enough, divide them into 2-3 sets. Continually increase the number of repetitions in the set until you can perform 100 repetitions at a time. (1, 2, 3)



It brings results after a month of consistent execution, the exercise not only increases the buttocks but also strengthens the hips. You will need a fitness ball and a chair, on which you must sit so that the angle of the leg at the knee is 90 degrees.


how to get bigger buttocks and hips


Place the ball between the legs so that you hold it and feel the tension in the muscles of the hips and buttocks. Grasp the ball with your feet and hold for 30 seconds, then relax, 15 repetitions will be enough for the first training, then gradually increase.


A few more recommendations for those who need to pump up the booty at home quickly

You are already familiar with the main complex of exercises; it will not be superfluous to add a few more recommendations to it that will accelerate the achievement of the effect. Do daily workouts, as well as perform the following actions in everyday life, then the volume of the buttocks will increase much faster:


During standing monotonous homework such as washing dishes, squeeze and unclench your buttocks as much as you can, up to 200 times. Then tighten your buttocks and keep them in such a state for as long as you can;


Cleaning the apartment can also include moments for training buttocks, for this try to walk on tiptoe and do swings with your feet in different directions. When you spend time on the road, regardless of whether you are a passenger or a driver, squeeze and unclench your buttocks. Follow these simple steps in any appropriate situation. (1, 2, 3)


To pump up the buttocks and give a beautiful shape to the hips at home is real, but only if you put maximum effort into it. Do not miss workouts, and try not to relax in the diet, do not let go of your goal, and then you will succeed!